Silver & Moonstone

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The mythical powers of moonstones have held significance for many over the centuries of time. It is a showcase of beauty with its creamy colors, and pearly iridescence. Resembling a spring cloud with a rainbow smile. 

Moonstone is found in Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and the US. 

Moonstone energy is associated with the inner goddess moon energy; channeling moonbeams shining a light on our personal paths. 

This stone is known for nourishing our feminine energy, & our sensual sides. 

For healing, Moonstone is great at calming negative emotions or overly stimulated nerves. 

Soma - Third Eye - Solar Plexus
Level 4
Rabbit - Cancer - Libra - Scorpio
Water - Metal - Earth


925 Sterling Silver - Size-specific - 10x14mm stone 

Photo credit is given to Rose Wolf

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