Silver & Blue Goldstone

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Blue Goldstone is also known as Blue Sandstone, or as the “Wishing Stone”. It does not contain any gold, but the star-like flecks are made of Cobalt, Manganese, & Copper depending on what is used to create it. Yes, ALL blue & gold Goldstone is man-made, but it doesn’t change the healing properties that this stone has been known to hold.   

Mystical in its charm, this stone is known for helping grant your heart's desire. Did someone say manifestation tool? 

This stone is also wonderful at boosting empathy, promoting self-love, soothing stress & tension, spiritual connection, and speaking your truth. 

Chakra: Throat - Heart - Crown

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Vibration level 3

This ring is 925 Sterling Silver - 7.41g total - Size specific - 10x14mm stone 

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