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The pentagram has been generalized as a symbol of Satan, but this is just not always true. A symbol can adapt to its uses, and so because of this, it can be used as a symbol of Satan. However, the Pentagram derives from the Greek words “pente” (five) and “gramme” (line). This five-pointed star has been used all over the world for many centuries to symbolize: fire, metal, water, wood, magic, harmony, peace, and health. Not until the demonizing of magic did this symbol evolve its presence to represent Satan while its core intentions have always held a more elemental and positive intention. 

Beyond this, there is so much history and so many stories to read about this contradictory and fascinating symbol. Additionally, it could mean much more or completely different things to many others. So, as always it is important to do your own research regarding symbols so that you can critically decide what you believe. 

This ring is silver-plated copper,  adjustable, and hypoallergenic 

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