Black Chime Candles (bundle of 5)

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Each bundle comes with five (5) individual chime candles. They have no scent, burn for approximately 1.5 hrs (depending on conditions), and are made in the USA. 

Candles typically represent all four elements depending on personal intentions and use. 

Earth from the wax and wick that are used.
Fire as the wick is burned.
Water as the wax becomes melted 
Air as the smoke rises


Each color of candle additionally can be used in different ways, and the back candle can be used for: absorbing, acceptance, anger, afterlife, banishing, binding, death, endings, justice, loss, release, hexes, grief, magic, negativity, patience, rebirth, karma, strength, and self-control.

Please burn responsibly - never leave unattended, keep away from children, keep away from flammable items, and keep on a fire-resistant surface - failure could result in a fire hazard or injury. 

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